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GE JKP13 Use And Care Manual: Safety Instructions 3

Built-h electric oven.
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Do not touch the heating elements or the
interior surface of the oven. These surfaces may
be hot enough to burn even though
in color. During and after use, do not touch, or let
clothing or other flammable materials contact any
interior area of the oven; allow sufficient time for
cooling, first,
Potentially hot surfaces include the oven vent
openings and surfaces near the openings, crevices
around the oven door, the edges of the door
window and metal trim parts above the door.
Remember: The inside surface of the oven may
be hot when the door is opened.
temperature of at least 170°F, This assures that, in
the remote possibility that trichina may be present
in the meat, it will be killed and the meat will be
safe to eat.
Stand away from the oven whm opening the
oven door. Hot air or steam which escapes can
cause burns to hands, face ador eyes.
Do not heat unopened food containers.
Pressure could build up and the container
could burst, causing an injury,
Keep the oven vent duct unobstructed.
Keep the oven free from grease buildup.
Place the oven shelf in the desired position
while the oven is cool. If the shelves must be
handled when hot, do not let the potholder
contact the heating elements in the oven,
not watching the oven,
Pulling out the shelf to the shelf stop is a
convenience in lifting heavy foods. It is also a
burns from touching the hot
precaution against
surfaces of the door or the the oven walls.
When using cooking or roasting bags in
follow the manufacturer's directions.
the oven,
not use your oven to dry
If overheated, they can catch fire.
not leave paper products, cooking
utensils, or food in the oven when not in use.
they are dark
stored in an oven can ignite,
After broiling, always take the broiler pan
in the broiler pan can catch fire next time you use
the pan.
Never leave jars or cans of
near your oven.
Do not clean the door gasket. The door gasket is
essential for a good seal. Care should be taken not
to rub, damage or move the gasket.
Do not use oven cleaners. NO commercial
oven cleaner or oven liner protective coating
of any kind should be used in or around any part
of the oven, Residue from oven cleaners will
damage the inside of the oven when the self-clean
cycle is used.
Care Guide.
the oven,
pan and other cookware.
Do not use aluminum foil to line oven bottoms,
except as suggested in guide. Improper
installation of &nninum foil may result in a
risk of electric shock or fire,
Be sure to wipe up excess'spillage before
starting the seIf-cleaning operation.
oven off and disconnect the power supply. Have it
serviced by a qualified technician.
dripping on or
remove the broiler


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