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27" Built In Wall Oven
JKP15, JKP18, JKP27, JKP45, JKP56 JKS05,
ZEK937, ZEK957
"If you have questions, call 800-GE-CARES
visit our website
Before you begin
Read these instructions carefully and completely
these instructions
local inspector's
all governing
codes and ordinances.
• Note to Installer-
Be sure to leave these
with the consumer.
Keep these instructions
for future
All electric wall ovens must be hard wired
(direct wired) into an approved
box. A "plug
and receptacle"
is NOT permit-
ted on these products
• NOTE- This appliance
must be properly
Parts Included
Bottom Trim
Single Ovens
4 flat head screws (side trim)
3 pan head screws
8 flat head screws (side trim)
3 Pan head screws (bottom
Materials Needed
Strain Relief
Clamp for
112" conduit
36" of String
Tools You Will Need
1/8" Drill Bit &
Electric or
Hand Drill
Pub. No. 31-10473


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   Summary of Contents for GE JKP15

  • Page 1

    Installation 27" Built In Wall Oven JKP15, JKP18, JKP27, JKP45, JKP56 JKS05, Instructions ZEK937, ZEK957 "If you have questions, call 800-GE-CARES visit our website www." Before you begin • ATTENTION INSTALLER!! Read these instructions carefully and completely All electric wall ovens must be hard wired •...

  • Page 2

    Installation Instructions IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Electrical For Your Safety Requirements This appliance must be supplied with the • Be sure your oven is installed properly proper voltage and frequency, and connected a qualified installer or service technician. to an individual properly grounded branch •...

  • Page 3

    Installation Instructions Pre-Installation Checklist Door Removal is not a requirement installation of the product, but is an added THE FOLLOWING PAGES IS TO BE convenience. USED FOR SINGLE AND DOUBLE Open the oven door as far as it will go. OVEN INSTALLATION! Remove packaging materials.

  • Page 4

    Installation Instructions Remove the bottom trim from the Place the oven on a table or platform Iq_" top of the oven. It will be installed even with the cutout opening. the end of installation. The trim is (Platform must support 150 Ibs. wrapped separately and taped to the...

  • Page 5

    Installation Instructions Cutouts for Single Built-In-Oven Cabinet Cabinet Width Width Junction Box 27" Location Recommended Cutout Location from Floor 32 1/2" Allow 7/8" Cutout Depth 23 1/2" for overlap oven over side 22" Min. above base Cutout Width 25" Min. rail 2"...

  • Page 6

    Installation Instructions Cutouts for Double Built-In-Oven Junction Box Location Cabinet Width 27" Allow 7/8" Recommended for overlap of Cutout Location oven over side from Floor 13 1/4" edges of above base 44" rail 23 5/8" Min. Cutout Depth Height 49 11/16" MIN. 2"...

  • Page 7

    Installation Instructions Cutouts for Single Oven Under Counter Gas or electric cooktops may be installed over this oven. See cooktop installation instructions for cutout size. See label on top of oven for Gas or electric connections approved cooktop models. for gas cooktop must be 240V / 208V located...

  • Page 8

    Installation Instructions IB-1 Electrical Connections Turn off the circuit breaker or remove fuses ATTENTION INSTALLER!!! All electric wall ovens must be hard wired to the oven branch circuit. (direct wired) into an approved junction With the oven in front of the cabinet box.

  • Page 9

    Installation Instructions Electrial Connections cont. NEW CONSTRUCTION FOUR-CONDUCTOR BRANCH Three-Conductor Branch CIRCUIT CONNECTION Circuit Connection • When installing in a new construction, • When installing oven in a mobile When connecting to a 3-conductor branch home, or circuit, if local codes permit: •...

  • Page 10

    Installation Instructions Placing the Oven in the Opening Drilling the Pilot Holes _-_ Sliding the Oven Into the Opening. a. Loop (do not tie) a 36" string around the Note: Before drilling the pilot holes conduit before the oven is slid into place. make sure the oven is pushed as far This will keep the conduit from falling behind back into the opening...

  • Page 11

    Installation Instructions Replacing the Oven Preparing for the bottom Door Trim Installation a. With oven installed, take the bottom trim The oven door is heavy. You may need and center it on the bottom front edge of help lifting the door high enough the cabinet opening.

  • Page 12

    Installation Instructions PRE-TEST CHECK LIST Check that the bottom trim is installed Remove all protective film if present, and any stickers. properly (see page 10). Chec to sure that all wi in0 Check to be sure the mounting screws are installed and flush with the side secure and not pinched or in contact with moving parts.

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