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Air Dry
Use the Air Dry Modifier for items that require drying without heat
such as rubber, plastic and heat-sensitive
fabrics. This table
shows examples of items that can be dried using Air Dry.
Type of Load
Foam rubber - pillows, padded bras, stuffed toys
20 - 30
Plastic - Shower curtains, tablecloths
20 - 30
40 - 50
Olefin, polypropylene,
sheer nylon
10 - 20
*Reset cycle to complete drying, if needed.
using Air Dry
Check that coverings are securely stitched.
Shake and fluff pillows by hand periodically during the cycle.
Dry item completely.
Foam rubber pillows are slow to dry.
NOTE: Air Dry is not available with Auto Dry Cycles.
You can customize your cycles by selecting options.
W,h, kle _u_r_ go
Drum Light
On some models, you may select Drum Light to turn on the light
inside the dryer drum. During a cycle, if Drum Light is selected,
the drum light turns on and will remain on until DRUM LIGHT is
pressed again, the door is open and closed, or the door is left
open for 5 minutes.
When the dryer is not running, the drum light will turn on when
DRUM LIGHT is pressed or the dryer door is opened, and it will
remain on until the dryer door has been open for 5 minutes, the
dryer door is closed or DRUM LIGHT is pressed again.
Press DRUM LIGHT at any time to turn the drum light ON or OFR
Damp Dry Signal
Select the Damp Dry Signal to alert you that your clothes are
80% dry or suitable for ironing. This is useful when
you want to remove lightweight items in a mixed load to avoid
overdrying or remove partially dry items that may need ironing.
The DAMP DRY SIGNAL is useful when drying bedsheets/linens
in a mixed load. When the signal goes off, open the door to stop
the dryer, rearrange the load inside the dryer, close the door and
restart the dryer to finish the drying cycle. Rearranging the load
will aid in the drying process.
NOTE: The Damp Dry Signal is available only with the Auto Dry
GUARD _ (30, 60, 90, 150 minutes)
WRINKLE GUARD _ helps smooth out wrinkles that may form
when clothes are not removed promptly at the end of a cycle.
During this option, the dryer stops tumbling and then tumbles
again for a brief period without heat when pressed.
Press WRINKLE GUARD _ to get heat-free, periodic tumbling
at the end of a cycle. WRINKLE GUARD _ periodically starts
and stops the dryer, tumbling the load without heat for 30, 60,
90 or 150 minutes (depending on your model) unless you
open the dryer door.
Stop WRINKLE GUARD ® at any time by pressing WRINKLE
GUARD _, opening the dryer door or pressing STOR
For the Casual Cycle, WRINKLE GUARD ® is preset to ON.
The other Auto Dry Cycles will retain the WRINKLE GUARD ®
setting. For example, if you select WRINKLE GUARD ® in the
Normal cycle, WRINKLE GUARD ®will be on the next time you
select the Normal cycle.
NOTE: If you do not select WRINKLE GUARD ® , the dryer stops
after cool down.
Cycle Signal
The Cycle Signal produces an audible sound when the drying
cycle is finished. Promptly removing clothes at the end of the
cycle reduces wrinkling.
Press CYCLE SIGNAL VOLUME until the desired volume (Loud or
Soft) is selected. On some models, press CYCLE SIGNAL to turn
the Cycle Signal On or Off.
Cycle Signal
Cycle Signal Volume
NOTE: When WRINKLE GUARD _ is selected, a tone sounds
every 5 minutes until the clothes are removed, or WRINKLE
GUARD _ ends.
You can change Auto and Timed Cycles, Modifiers and Options
anytime before pressing Start.
Three short tones sound if an unavailable combination
selected. The last selection will not be accepted.
Cycles after pressing
1. Press STOP twice.
2. Select the desired cycle and options.
3. Press START. The dryer starts at the beginning of the new
NOTE: If you do not press Start within 5 minutes of selecting the
cycle, the dryer automatically
shuts off.
and Options
after pressing Start
You can change a Modifier or Option anytime before the selected
Modifier or Option begins.
1. Press STOP once.
2. Select the new Modifier and/or Options.
3. Press START to continue the cycle.
NOTE: If you happen to press STOP twice, the program clears
and your dryer shuts down. Restart the selection process.

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Table of Contents