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Options; Modifiers - Kenmore SENSOR SMART KING SIZE Capacity Plus Use & Care Manual

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You can customize your cycles by selecting options.
Damp Dry Signal
Select the Damp Dry Signal to alert you that your clothes are
approximately 80% dry. This is useful when you want to remove
lightweight items in a mixed load (to prevent overdrying), or
remove partially dry items that may need ironing.
NOTE: The Damp Dry Signal is an option that is only available
with Automatic cycle.
III prevents wrinkles that form when you
cannot unload the dryer promptly at the end of a cycle.
free, periodic tumbling at the end of a cycle.
III pad or opening the dryer door.
For the Delicate/Casual Auto Dry cycle, WRINKLE GUARD
is preset to "On." The other Auto Dry cycles will retain the
III setting. (For example, if you select
III in the Normal cycle, WRINKLE
III will be on the next time you select the Normal
NOTE: If you do not select WRINKLE GUARD
after Cool Down.
Touch Up
Select this option to remove wrinkles from clean items such as
clothes packed in a suitcase or items wrinkled from being left in
the dryer too long.
Press TOUCH UP once to get HEAVY DUTY (30 minutes of
high heat). Use Heavy Duty for medium to heavyweight items
such as bedspreads and jeans.
Press TOUCH UP twice to get DELICATE (20 minutes of low
heat). Use Delicate for light to medium weight items such as
blouses and skirts.
Press MORE TIME or LESS TIME to adjust the cycle time.
Up. Remove clothes immediately when tumbling stops.
III to get up to 2¹⁄₂ hours of heat-
III at any time by pressing the
III, the dryer stops
III option is also available in Touch
When you select a cycle, the preset Auto Dry Level (Auto Dry) or
Timed Dry settings for that cycle will glow. Modifiers allow you to
change the preset settings and further customize your cycles.
Auto Dry Level with Ultra Moisture Sensing
Auto Dry Level with Ultra Moisture Sensing provides the most
accurate drying results in the shortest time. This can help you
save money on utility bills and reduce the risk of fabric damage.
Dryness level is determined by dual sensor strips that measure
the moisture in your clothes. Once the desired dryness level is
reached, the electronic sensors signal the dryer to stop to
prevent overdrying your clothes.
For all Auto Dry cycles, the Auto Dry Level is automatically set at
Normal. This setting provides the recommended fabric care for
your cycle. The display will show the estimated time (in minutes)
required to reach an approximate 80% dry level. After the 80%
dryness level is reached, the remaining drying time required will
be displayed as actual time remaining.
Use the Normal setting to dry most loads. At the end of the cycle,
feel the dried clothes.
If they are damper than you like, select a setting above
Normal the next time you dry a similar load.
If they are drier than you like, select a setting below Normal
the next time you dry a similar load.
To change the dryness level
Press AUTO DRY LEVEL until the desired dryness level glows.
NOTE: Auto Dry Level is not a selectable option with the
EXPRESS DRY™ cycle, the Air Dry cycle or Touch Up.
To change from estimated to actual drying time
Press MORE TIME or LESS TIME until the desired time is
displayed. The light for Timed Dry (Actual) will glow.
Timed Dry
Use Timed Dry to select a specific amount of drying time. The
preset settings for EXPRESS DRY™, Air Dry and Touch Up are
automatically set to Timed Dry.
To change the time
Press MORE TIME or LESS TIME until the desired time shows in
the display.
End of Cycle Signal
The End of Cycle Signal produces an audible sound when the
drying cycle is finished. Promptly removing clothes at the end of
the cycle reduces wrinkling.
Press the END of CYCLE SIGNAL pad to adjust the sound level
or turn off the signal.
Cycle Signal is on, an audible sound will emit every five minutes
until the clothes are removed, or WRINKLE GUARD


III is selected and the End of
III is


Table of Contents