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Pausing Or Restarting; Changing Cycles, Options And Modifiers; Cycles - Kenmore Sensor Smart Use And Care Manual

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Pausing or Restarting

To pause the dryer at any time
Open the door or press STOP/CANCEL once.
To restart the dryer
Close the door and press START.
NOTE: Drying will continue from where the cycle was interrupted
if you close the door and press START with in 5 minutes. If the
cycle is interrupted for more than 5 minutes, the dryer will shut
off. You will need to select new cycle settings before restarting
the dryer.
Changing Cycles, Options
and Modifiers
You can change Cycles, Options and Modifiers any time before
Start is pressed.
A short tone sounds when a change is selected.
Two short tones sound if an unavailable combination is
selected. The last selection will not be accepted.
Changing Cycles after pressing Start
1. Press STOP/CANCEL twice.
2. Select the desired wash cycle.
3. Press START.
The washer restarts at the beginning of the new cycle.
NOTE: If you do not press Start within 5 minutes of pausing the
washer, the washer automatically shuts off.
Changing Options and Modifiers after pressing Start
You can change an Option or Modifier anytime before the
selected Option or Modifier begins.
2. Select the new Option and/or Modifiers.
3. Press START to continue the cycle.


Select the drying cycle that matches the type of load you are
drying. A preset range of heat is automatically set for the type of
fabric selected. (See "Drying and Cycle Tips" chart.)
When you select a cycle, your dryer selects a preset temperature,
AUTO DRY LEVEL (Normal) and either AUTO DRY (Estimated) or
Timed Dry (Actual) Time Remaining. The time displayed for the
AUTO DRY cycles are estimated times. Part way through the
cycle, the dryer turns the AUTO DRY (Estimated) Time Remaining
indicator light off and displays the actual time remaining on the
display. The TIMED DRY (Actual) indicator light will glow only if a
TIMED DRY cycle was selected. (See "Modifiers.")
Use this cycle to get high heat for heavy fabrics. This Auto Dry
cycle is preset to an estimated 54 minutes.
Use this cycle to get medium high heat for drying denims. This
Auto Dry cycle is preset to an estimated 64 minutes.
Use this cycle to get medium heat for drying sturdy fabrics. This
Auto Dry cycle is preset to an estimated 52 minutes.
Bulky Items
Use this cycle for drying large, bulky items that dry quickly on the
outside, but stay wet on the inside. This cycle uses medium heat.
This Auto Dry cycle is preset to an estimated 60 minutes.
Use this cycle to get low heat for drying synthetic fabrics,
washable knit fabrics and no-iron finishes. This Auto Dry cycle is
preset to an estimated 36 minutes.
Express Dry™
Use this 23 minute cycle for drying small loads or loads that need
a short drying time. This cycle uses 16 minutes of high heat
followed by 5 minutes of ultra low heat and 2 minutes of cool
Ultra Delicate
Use this cycle to get ultra low heat to gently dry items such as
exercise wear or shear curtains. This Auto Dry cycle is preset to
an estimated 22 minutes.
Air Dry
Air dry gives you all the benefits of hang drying with a shorter
drying time. Adjust the Air Dry cycle from 1 to 99 minutes at any
time during the cycle, or use the preset setting of 30 minutes.
Use the Air Dry cycle for items that require drying without heat
such as rubber, plastic and heat sensitive fabrics. This chart
shows examples of items that can be dried using the Air Dry
Type of Load
Foam rubber - pillows, padded bras, stuffed toys
Plastic - Shower curtains, tableclothes
Rubber-backed rugs
Olefin, polypropylene, sheer nylon
When using Air Dry
Check to see that coverings are securely stitched.
Shake and fluff pillows by hand periodically during the cycle.
Dry item completely. Foam rubber pillows are slow to dry.
NOTE: An Auto Dry Level selection is not available when using
the Air Dry cycle.
20 - 30
20 - 30
40 - 50
10 - 20


Table of Contents