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Adjusting The Lens - JVC TK-C1530E Instructions Manual

Jvc color video camera instructions
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Adjusting the lens

After the connection is complete, turn on the camera, display an image on the
monitor and check the video image.
In the case of an automatic iris control lens, the camera has been factory-
adjusted to the best position, but it may need to be adjusted according to the
condition of the object or the lens combination. If the image is unnatural, adjust it.
● Also read the instruction manual of the lens.
With a VIDEO automatic iris lens (Automatic iris control lens with
built-in EE amplifier)
Set the switch at the side of the camera to VIDEO and adjust the LEVEL dial
on the lens.
LEVEL adjustment
Do not operate
With a DC automatic iris lens (Automatic iris control lens without
built-in EE amplifier)
Set the Iris Selector Switch at the side of the camera to DC and adjust the
LEVEL with the Iris Level Adjustment Dial at the side of the camera.
Iris Selector
Iris Level
Adjustment Dial
LEVEL adjustment
Monitor screen
LEVEL adjustment direction
To darken
Anti-clockwise (Towards L)
To brighten
Clockwise (Towards H)
● If the LEVEL sensitivity adjustment is turned excessively to L, the
sensitivity increases because of the AGC function of the camera and the
image looks grainy.
● Depending on the lens used, if the LEVEL dial is turned excessively to L,
the hunting phenomenon (floppy screen) where the iris opens and closes
involuntarily may occur. In such a case, first set the LEVEL dial to the H
position, and then readjust the LEVEL dial while checking the video signal.
● To adjust the focus accurately, open the lens iris. Below is how to open the
lens iris for automatic iris lens.
● Press the [SELECTOR] switch on the back panel up (J) for 1 second.
[FOCUS ADJUST MODE] is displayed on the monitor screen.
● When the focus adjustment is completed, press either [SELECTOR]
switch (J, K, H, K), [MENU] or [SET] button.
[FOCUS ADJUST MODE] display disappears and the lens iris returns
to original state.
● Connect the monitor TV to the VIDEO OUT terminal on the back panel and
make adjustments.



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