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Configuring The Toughswitch Poe Carrier; Product Verification; Interface Tabs - Ubiquiti TS-5-POE User Manual

Toughswitch table of contents poe power over ethernet managed switches
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Table of Contents
PoE User Guide
Configuring the TOUGHSwitch PoE
ToughSwitch A and B have the same default IP address,, so you will need to change the IP address of
at least one TOUGHSwitch. Follow the instructions in this
section to configure one TOUGHSwitch at a time, starting
with TOUGHSwitch A.
1. Configure the Ethernet adapter on your host system
with a static IP address on the 192.168.1.x subnet (e.g.,
2. Launch your web browser. Type
in the address field. Press enter (PC) or return (Mac).
3. The login screen will appear. Enter ubnt in the
Username and Password fields. Click Login.
4. Change the Static Management IP Address to a unique
IP address on the Device tab. Click Save Changes.
5. You can enable PoE on the Ports tab and customize
additional settings as needed.
Ubiquiti Networks, Inc.
6. Disconnect the Ethernet cable from the Management
port of TOUGHSwitch A and connect it to the
Management port of TOUGHSwitch B. Then repeat
steps 1-5 on TOUGHSwitch B.

Product Verification

The Configuration Interface will verify whether a product
is genuine or counterfeit.
For a genuine TOUGHSwitch, the Configuration Interface
will display a Genuine Product logo in the lower left corner
of the screen.
For any product that is not an official Ubiquiti product, the
Configuration Interface will display a counterfeit warning.
Please contact Ubiquiti at
this product.

Interface Tabs

The Configuration Interface contains five main tabs, each
of which provides a web-based management page to
configure a specific aspect of the TOUGHSwitch. This User
Guide covers each tab with a chapter. For details on a
specific tab, refer to the appropriate chapter.
The "Status Tab" on page 13 displays status
information and statistics for each port.
The "Device Tab" on page 17 configures
system settings and services for the TOUGHSwitch.
The "Ports Tab" on page 23 configures
settings and services for each port.
The "VLANs Tab" on page 26 configures
Virtual Local Area Networks (VLANs) for the various
The "Alerts Tab" on page 28 displays alerts if
alert logging is configured and system log messages if
system logging is enabled.
Each page also contains network administration and
monitoring tools:
• "MAC Forwarding Table" on page 30
• "Ping" on page 31
• "Traceroute" on page 31
• "Discovery" on page 31
Chapter 3: Navigation

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Table of Contents

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