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Door Handle; Door Lock Assembly - Maytag AFU1202BW Service

Upright freezers
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Disassembly Procedures
Removing Cabinet Door Assembly
1. Remove screws securing upper hinge to cabinet top.
2. Open door assembly and lift door off lower hinge pin.
Install Cabinet Door Assembly
1. Hold door assembly in open position and place on
lower hinge with hinge pin entering the hinge bushing
at the door bottom.
2. Close door and install upper hinge mounting screws.
Check gasket seal.
Install Door Liner And Gasket
The DURA-LAST inner door liner and gasket are
mounted to outer door panel by screws place every 4
inches (102 mm) around the door flange perimeter.
Removing Inner Liner and Gasket.
1. Remove cabinet door assembly as previously
2. Lay door assembly on a flat, padded surface.
3. Remove all mounting screws and lift off inner liner
and gasket.
Installing Inner Liner and Gasket
1. Position gasket around inner panel so gasket lip will
be sandwiched between inner liner and outer door
panel flange.
2. Replace and tighten all inner liner mounting screws
until snug.
NOTE: Do not over tighten screws, this could crack
liner or cause screw head to pull through the
3. Always align door.

Door Handle

Door handle and insert are attached to outer door panel
by mounting screws which are located under the insert.
Removing the Door Handle
1. Bow insert slightly and unhook top and bottom from
door handle.
2. Remove mounting screws which secure the handle.
NOTE: Longer mounting screw must be used to attach
the bottom of door handle.
To avoid risk of electrical shock, personal injury or
death; disconnect power to unit before following any
disassembly procedures.

Door Lock Assembly

Door lock assembly (if equipped) is attached to outer
door panel and consists of the cam and bolt (lock bolt).
Illustration below indicates movement of the lock bolt as
the key is turned clockwise to locked position. An ejector
spring in the lock forces the key out. Key will not remain
in the lock once it is released, regardless of position the
lock is in.
Lock design is simple and no major operating difficulties
should be encountered. If the lock is not locking in a
positive enough manner, position the door to verify it is
high enough for the bolt to catch firmly. Side way
movement to the door may also improve lock operation.
Sometimes leveling the freezer will eliminate need for
cabinet door adjustments. Verify freezer is level from
side to side, and from front to back, with a carpenters
level. Adjust leveling glide until freezer is in a true vertical
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