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General Tips; Energy Tips; Vacation Tips; Normal Operating Sounds - Maytag AFU1202BW Service

Upright freezers
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General Tips

Energy Tips

This freezer is designed to be one of the most
energy efficient freezers available. Reduce energy
use by doing the following:
• Operate in normal room temperatures away from heat
sources and direct sunlight.
• Set controls no colder than necessary.
• Keep freezer full.
• Keep door gaskets clean and pliable. Replace gaskets
if worn.

Vacation Tips

For long vacations, do the following:
1. Empty freezer.
2. Unplug freezer.
3. Clean freezer including door gaskets.
4. Prop doors open, so air can circulate inside.

Normal Operating Sounds

Today's freezers have new features and are more energy
efficient. As a result, certain sounds may be unfamiliar.
These sounds are normal and will soon become familiar.
These sounds also indicate freezer is operating and
performing as designed.
1. Temperature Control
Temperature control clicks when starting or
stopping compressor.
2. Evaporator
Evaporator refrigerant flow gurgles, pops or sounds
like boiling water.
3. Evaporator Fan Motor
Makes a whirring noise or sounds like rushing air.
4. Compressor
Compressor has a high pitched hum or pulsating
5. Defrost Heater
Sizzling, hissing, or popping sounds are caused by
water dropping on the defrost heater during the
defrost cycle.
6. Defrost Drain Pan
Dripping sounds is defrost water falling onto drain
7. Defrost Timer
Automatic timer sounds like an electronic clock that
snaps in and out of the defrost cycle.
8. Insulation
Foam insulation is very energy efficient and has
excellent insulating capabilities. However, foam
insulation is not as sound absorbent as previously
used fiberglass insulation.

Before Calling For Service

Freezer does not operate.
• Confirm temperature control is on.
• Confirm freezer is plugged in.
• Check fuse or circuit breaker. Plug in another
item at that wall outlet.
• Wait 20 minutes to see if freezer restarts. If
freezer control is on, freezer may be in defrost
Freezer still won't operate.
• Unplug freezer. Transfer food to another unit or
place dry ice in freezer to preserve food.
• Call 1-800-NATLSVC (628-5782) inside U.S.A.
to locate an authorized servicer.
Food temperature appears too warm.
• See above sections.
• Allow time for recently added food to reach
freezer temperature.
• Check gasket for proper seal.
• Adjust temperature control.
Freezer runs too frequently.
• It may be normal to maintain an even temperature.
• Doors may have been opened frequently or for
an extended period of time.
• Adjust temperature control.
• Check gaskets for proper seal.
• Confirm freezer has proper clearance on each side.
Water droplets form on outside of freezer.
Check door gaskets for proper seal.
Water is on floor beneath freezer.
• Confirm drain plugs are properly positioned.
• Empty drain pan .
Freezer has an odor.
See "Odor Removal" instructions in "Care and Cleaning"
Freezer makes unfamiliar sounds or seems too loud.
It may be normal. See "Normal Operating Sounds"
section, this page.
©2004 Maytag Services

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