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Replacing Freezer Coil No-Defrosting Models - Maytag AFU1202BW Service

Upright freezers
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Disassembly Procedures
clamp. Verify feeler tube rests firmly against shelf
surface to obtain thermal contact.
19.Form heat exchanger tubing so it is similar in position
to the original. Be careful when bending tubing at the
entry hole to prevent kinks.
20.Pack tube entry hole with butyl sealer.
21.If cut when remove, swedge compressor suction
tubing to fit replacement tubing
22.Install new drier and connect all tubing. Silver solder
the joints with proper flux. Excess flux must be wiped
off tubing after soldering.
23.Visually check all joints for leaks. Evacuate and
recharge the system.
24.Test run the unit to verify proper operation.
25.Pinch process tube and cut off the service valve.
Solder the joint and test for leaks.
Replacing Freezer Coil No-Defrosting
Because of freezer coil location, do not attempt
replacement without first removing coil and heat
exchanger from the cabinet. Even though an
experienced silver brazer can control a torch flame,
possibility of overheating and distorting plastic is high.
1. Disconnect line cord from electrical outlet.
2. Install service valve as close as possible to tip of
process tube for easy pinch-off after recharging the
3. Connect a hose to service valve and capture the
NOTE: Effective July 1, 1992, before opening any
refrigeration system it is the responsibility of the
service technician to capture the refrigerant for
safe disposal.
4. Remove butyl sealer from tube entry hole in the
cabinet back.
5. Clean approximately three inches (76 mm) of the
heat exchanger tubing at the compressor stub.
Unsolder at the joint or cut three inches (76 mm)
from the stub.
6. Unsolder drier from condenser outlet tube and clean
the outlet. Remove drier from capillary tube so tubing
assembly can be pulled through the tube entry
7. Remove screws securing freezer coil cover. Lift cover
out and detach green grounding wire.
8. Remove styrofoam air block from each end of the
9. Disconnect defrost heater lead from spade terminal
on fan motor.
To avoid risk of electrical shock, personal injury or
death; disconnect power to unit before following any
disassembly procedures.
Circulating Fan and Wiring With
Coil Cover Removed
10. Spade connector is used to join the white defrost
heater lead to the white lead-in wire. Separate these
wires at the spade connector. Release heater lead
from the two clips on the coil mounting panel and
unlace it from the coil.
11. Disconnect white defrost heater lead from defrost
thermostat and unlace it from freezer coil.
12.Remove defrost thermostat from coil header to
release the front tang.
Removing Defrost Thermostat
No-Defrost Models
13. Detach green grounding wire from freezer coil header.
14. Remove screws securing freezer coil to coil mounting
panel. The coil is now free to be removed.
15. Straighten heat exchanger tubing to pass through the
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