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Operating Instructions; Setting Controls; Temperature Control - Maytag AFU1202BW Service

Upright freezers
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Operating Instructions

Setting Controls

This freezer operates most efficiently in normal
household temperatures of 65° to 90°F.

Temperature Control

Locate temperature control on right side of interior
freezer cabinet wall.
When control is set to OFF , freezer will not cool. Initially,
set control to 4 . Wait 3 hours after connecting power for
freezer to reach desired temperatures, then add food.
After 24 hours, adjust control as desired. 1 is warmest
setting and 7 is coldest.
Set temperatures precisely using a household
thermometer that includes temperatures between -5° to
50°F. Put thermometer snugly between frozen packages
in freezer. Wait 5–8 hours. If freezer temperature is not
0° to 2°F, adjust control, one number at a time. Check
again after 5–8 hours.
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