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Replacing Freezer Fan Motor - Maytag AFU1202BW Service

Upright freezers
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Disassembly Procedures
Remove defrost heater as follows:
1. Remove freezer coil cover.
2. Detach heater leads and unlace from freezer coil.
3. Remove clips at each end of heater. Push downward
on heater shield grasping radiant heater at both ends
and lifting outward.
Defrost Heater and Retaining Clips
4. Replace heater in reverse of removal.
When installing radiant heater do not touch the heater
glass. Salt and oil on the hands may cause serious
Thermostat may be loosened for replacement by merely
spreading front tangs of retainer clips.
Defrost Thermostat and Mounting Clip
To avoid risk of electrical shock, personal injury or
death; disconnect power to unit before following any
disassembly procedures.

Replacing Freezer Fan Motor

Remove screws from coil cover and disconnect ground
wire from cover. Remove freezer coil cover.
Before checking fan circuit for failures, spin the fan blade
to verify nothing has lodged against it which could
prevent normal fan operation. If blade spins freely, check
fan motor as follows:
1. Unplug line cord.
2. Attach test cord leads to fan motor leads. If motor
runs, check all cabinet wiring for an open circuit. If
motor fails to operate, remove and replace it in the
following manner.
3. Disconnect lead and ground wire from fan motor.
4. Remove complete fan motor assembly by removing
screws securing fan motor bracket to mounting
panel. Remove motor from bracket. Replace
assembly in reverse order of removal.
5. Attach ground wire to freezer coil cover and replace
the cover.
No alignment is necessary when replacing fan blade. Fit
blade on the shaft and push. Blade is equipped with a
built-in stop.
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