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Installation Instructions; Unpacking; General; Location - Maytag AFU1202BW Service

Upright freezers
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Installation Instructions


Remove all protective packaging. Cardboard shipping
braces and/or protective tape used to prevent damage to
baskets, shelves, speciality racks, and compartment
dividers during shipment. Use soapy water to remove
any adhesive residue. Do not use alcohol or nail polish
Door/Lid, handles, and hinges:
• Support and secure door lid before transporting or
moving the freezer.
• Install freezer handle if applicable
• Do not use door or handle for leverage to lift or push
Defrost drain plug and drain pan:
• Verify drain plug is installed on non-frost-free
• Before operating frost-free freezer verify frost drain
pan is installed behind toe grille located at bottom
front of freezer with drain hose placed in the pan.
Toe grille:
• Toe grille at bottom front of freezer can be removed
to locate drain tube and levelling gliders.
• Remove toe grille by grasping both ends and pulling
straight outward. Replace by pressing ends of toe
grille into slots on cabinet and snapping into place.


• Secure door before moving freezer. Do not use door
or handle to lift or push freezer. If hinges must be
removed, check instruction label on rear of freezer
• Freezers are currently rated for domestic use, not
designed for commercial application.
• Confirm the following items are installed.
Free-O-Frost™ Upright Freezer Models
Defrost drain pan behind toe grille.
Standard Upright Freezer Models
Drain plug in bottom front of freezer liner.
(some models)
©2004 Maytag Services


These recommendations and explanations may help
customer receive maximum efficiency from freezer and
avoid service calls.
To avoid personal injury, wear gloves when installing
To avoid property damage, protect soft vinyl or other
flooring with cardboard, rugs or other protective
material during installation or servicing.
If freezer is to be placed in basement, back porch, etc.,
place freezer on wooden slats up off floor.
1. Freezer is designed for installation as a
"freestanding" (not "built-in") unit.
2. Locate freezer with at least 3 inches of clearance on
both ends and back to provide adequate air
circulation to dissipate condenser heat.
3. Avoid locations near stoves, radiators, hot air ducts,
or where sun may cause excessive heat.
4. Do not locate where surrounding temperature could
drop below 32°F (0°C). Temperatures below 32°F
(0°C) cause compressor oil to thicken delaying
lubrication of sensitive components at compressor
5. Avoid placing freezer on plush carpet which may
retard air flow over bottom, causing bottom sweating.

Electrical Connection

1. Electrical supply should be checked for proper
voltage and ground.
Toe grille
Do not, under any circumstances, cut or remove the
round grounding prong from the plug. Freezer must
be grounded at all times. Do not remove warning tag
from power cord.
2. Avoid extension cords. If absolutely necessary, use
an Appliance Extension cord (at least
16 AWG) of less than 10 feet. If possible, have
freezer on separate circuit.

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