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Freezer Fan No-Defrosting Models; Testing Freezer Fan Motor - Maytag AFU1202BW Service

Upright freezers
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Component Testing
power to be connected. When removing any wiring from terminals they must be replaced on the same terminals.
Ensure all ground wires are connected before certifying unit as repaired and/or operational.

Freezer Fan No-Defrosting Models

Freezer fan is designed and located in the cabinet to
create movement of uniform low temperature air
throughout freezer interior. It is wired to run
simultaneously with the compressor.
If fan fails to operate, or runs erratically, reduced air
circulation will cause unsatisfactory temperatures
throughout the freezer.
Freezer fan is located above freezer coil and is mounted
inside an opening in the freezer liner back.
Circulating Fan and Wiring
With Coil Cover Removed
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To avoid risk electrical shock, personal injury, or death,
always disconnect electrical power source to the freezer
before attempting to service, unless test procedures require

Testing Freezer Fan Motor

Remove screws from coil cover and disconnect ground
wire from cover. Remove freezer coil cover.
Before checking fan circuit for failures, spin the fan blade
to verify nothing has lodged against it which could
prevent normal fan operation. If blade spins freely, check
fan motor as follows:
1. Unplug line cord.
2. Attach test cord leads to fan motor leads. If motor
runs, check all cabinet wiring for an open circuit. If
motor fails to operate, remove and replace.

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