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Operating Sounds - Maytag AFU1202BW Service

Upright freezers
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Operating Sounds

Today's freezers are designed for economical operation and energy efficiency. New features and designs may create
sounds which are different. Following are normal operating sounds which may be encountered, no service call is
Temperature control:
Clicks when the compressor
starts or stops.
Defrost timer:*
Automatic timer sounds like an
electric clock that snaps in and
out of the defrost cycle.
High-efficiency foam is used for
its excellent energy insulation
capacity, even though it does not
offer the same level of sound
insulation as less energy-efficient
fiberglass insulation once found
in freezers.
* Frost-free models only
©2004 Maytag Services
Defrost heater:*
Sizzling, hissing, or popping sounds are caused by water
dropping on the defrost heater during the defrost cycle.
Defrost drain pan:*
Dripping sound is defrost
water falling onto drain pan.
Gurgling sound, like boiling
water, when refrigerent flows
through the freezer cooling
Freezer fan:*
Makes a whirring noise
or sounds like rushing
air as cold air circulates in
the freezer compartment.
Runs faster for higher
efficiency and has
a higher pitched hum
or pulsating sound.

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