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Recall - Siemens Hicom 150 H Operating Instructions Manual

Attendant c for hicom 150 h optiset e as attendant console
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US:Recall: XXX
UK:Recalling: XXX
US:Recall: XXX
UK:Recalling: XXX
busy internal
Diverted: XXX
invalid entry
If you were unable to transfer a call (Æ page 16), after a
short period of time you receive a recall from the party
you were trying to reach.
You receive a recall:
immediately, if you made a mistake,
forty-five seconds after the transfer, if the party you
were trying to reach does not answer,
if you forgot about a parked party.
When you receive a recall, your phone rings with a rapid
single-tone sequence. The recall appears on the screen.
As soon as you accept the call, the reason for the recall
appears briefly on the screen. The screen then returns
to the default display.
Your Hicom Attendant C telephone can be configured
as an intercept position (ask your service technician).
When users forget switched or parked calls, or if they
do not answer these calls, the system forwards the
calls to the intercept position (your telephone) after a
certain period of time.
When you receive an intercepted call, your telephone
rings with a rapid single-tone sequence. The intercept
appears on the screen.
When you answer the call, the screen briefly displays
the cause of the intercept and then returns to the de-
fault display.