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Call Key - Siemens Hicom 150 H Operating Instructions Manual

Attendant c for hicom 150 h optiset e as attendant console
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US:Call from: (station no. or name)
UK:From: (station no. or name)
Call Key 1 or 2
You receive external calls from all parties who are not
calling from within your communication system. When
you receive an external call, your telephone rings with a
dual-tone sequence and the LED on Call Key 1 or Call
Key 2 starts flashing rapidly. The external party's phone
number or name is displayed on the screen.
Sample display
The two keys labeled "Call Key 1" and "Call Key 2" are
configured on your Hicom Attendant C. They give you
information about the status of external calls, and you
can use them to answer external calls.
The LEDs on the call keys display the following operat-
ing states:
LED off:
No external call is pending.
LED illuminated:
You are speaking to the external party.
LED flashing rapidly:
An external party is calling you.
LED flashing slowly:
The external party is on hold.
To accept an external call:
Lift the handset.
Press the rapidly flashing "Call Key 1" or "Call Key 2".
The LED on the key lights up continuously. Speaker-
phone mode is activated and the speaker key lights up.
You can now talk to the external party directly without
lifting the handset.
To deactivate speakerphone mode, lift the handset.