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Siemens Hicom 150 H Operating Instructions Manual page 2

Attendant c for hicom 150 h optiset e as attendant console
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These operating instructions describe the telephone configured as a "Hicom Attendant C"
attendant console in Version 1.0 of the Hicom 150 H system.
The optiset E standard, optiset E advance plus/comfort, optiset E advance conference/con-
ference and optiset E memory system telephones can be configured as a Hicom Atten-
dant C telephone.
These operating instructions describe only specially configured functions. For information
on standard telephone functions, please refer to the operating instructions for your tele-
You may find that some functions you wish to use are not available on your telephone. This
may be due to one of the following reasons:
The function has not been configured for your telephone - address any questions to
Customer Support.
Your communication system does not support this function - contact your Siemens
sales representative to upgrade your system.
Start conference?
Display contrast?
You will find a graphic representation of the steps
in logical sequence in the left column. Below is an
explanation of the symbols:
Lift the handset (off-hook).
Replace the handset (on-hook).
Conduct a call.
Enter a telephone number or code.
Enter the code.
Press volume controls on the telephone.
Press the key.
Press the illuminated key.
Press the flashing key.
The option appears on the screen.
Press the
Search for an option.
Press the
until the option appears on the screen.
Then press the
key to confirm your selection.
key to confirm your selection.