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Siemens Hicom 150 H Operating Instructions Manual page 14

Attendant c for hicom 150 h optiset e as attendant console
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Phone Book
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The internal phone book contains all the internal station
numbers and central speed dialing numbers to which a
name has been assigned.
Prerequisite: names must be assigned to station num-
bers stored in the system.
Press the key.
The first entry appears on the screen.
optiset E standard, advance plus/comfort, advance
Press the "OK" dialog key to display additional entries.
Select and confirm.
Enter the name you want to find, or just the first few let-
ters, from the keypad. The system searches for the
Briefly press the key on the keypad as often as needed,
depending on the position of the letter on the keypad
(first, second, third, or fourth position).
For example, press the digit 7 three times for "R" or
press the digit 3 twice for "E".
The first name beginning with the entered letter ap-
Enter the next letter the same way and repeat the pro-
If no entry matching the entered letters is found, you
hear a short beep.
Press the 0 key to enter a space.
Press the 1 key to automatically display the first entry in
the phone book.
The "
If applicable
Select and confirm. The last letter entered (other than
the first letter) is deleted.
If applicable
Select and confirm. All the letters entered are deleted.
The first entry in the phone book again appears on the
"and "#" keys have no function.