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Troubleshooting - Black & Decker BSL189 Instruction Manual

Rechargeable spotlight
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Battery Replacement
1. Release the battery compartment cover locks on either side of the unit and remove the
2. Pull out the (two) batteries.
3. Disconnect the terminals and replace the batteries with the same type listed in the
Specifications section of this manual.
4. Replace the battery compartment cover and engage the locks.
5. Turn one of the spotlight's ON/OFF switches to the ON position to ensure proper operation
of spotlight.
Safe Battery Disposal
Contains a maintenance-free, sealed, non-spillable, lead acid battery, which must be disposed
of properly. Recycling is required, contact your local authority for information. Failure to
comply with local, state and federal regulations can result in fines, or imprisonment.
DC Plug Fuse Replacement
The fuse in the DC plug protects the charging circuit of the DC recharge adapter. If
the AC recharger operates but the DC charging adapter does not, then the fuse may
be opened.
To replace the fuse:
1. Unscrew the end cap of the DC plug (counterclockwise).
2. Remove spring center contact and fuse.
3. Check fuse with a continuity checker.
4. If blown, locate replacement fuse with same type and rating.
5. Replace the fuse, spring, contact and end cap.
6. Screw end cap clockwise until it is finger tight – DO NOT OVER-TIGHTEN.
7. Check for proper operation of DC charging adapter.


• No Charge Indicator Light
If the Charge Indicator LED does not light when charging do the following:
A) Check for bad connection to the AC Recharge Port
B) Check for bad connection to AC adapter
C) Confirm there is a functioning AC current



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