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Black & Decker BSL189 Instruction Manual page 23

Rechargeable spotlight
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12 Volt DC
AC Charging/Recharging
Plug the supplied AC Adapter's plug into a standard outlet.
Connect the adapter's DC port to the AC Recharge Port
located on the top/rear of the grip handle. The LED will
light to indicate that the unit is charging. Time required to
initially charge the unit using this method is
approximately 30 to 35 hours. The LED Charging Indicator
will blink when the unit is fully charged. Recharging will
be terminated while the Spotlight being used.
12 Volt DC Charging/Recharging
The DC recharging method will NOT recharge the unit as
effectively as the AC method. The 12 volt DC recharging
procedure is recommended only when it is necessary,
since frequent use of the 12 volt DC recharging procedure
may shorten the battery system's life.
1. Insert the gold-tipped end plug of the12 Volt DC
Adapter plug into the vehicle's 12 volt DC accessory
2. Insert the silver-tipped end plug into the 12 Volt DC accessory Outlet on the back of the
handle of the unit.
3. Charging time using this method is approximately 5 to 6 hours.
4. When charging is complete, remove the power cord and return it to the storage
Note: When using a vehicle's 12 volt DC accessory outlet as a charging/power
source, be aware that some vehicles require the ignition be turned on to power
the accessory outlet.
Before charging/recharging the unit's battery, make sure all power switches are in
the OFF position.
AC Adapter
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might differ slightly
from the one in the box)



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