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Specifications - Black & Decker BSL189 Instruction Manual

Rechargeable spotlight
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Operating Issues
1. When charging using the AC method, charging will be terminated while the Spotlight
being used.
The Auxiliary Light will turn on when pressed while charging. Be sure all adapters are
disconnected before Spotlight usage.
2. If the unit does not operate, the battery may be completely discharged. Charge
the unit using the AC adapter following the directions in the manual.
3. If you suspect a bulb is blown, check the bulb filament. If filament is coiled and unbroken,
the bulb is not blown. If filament is blown, replace bulb.
4. If you suspect the main fuse is blown, check it and, if necessary, replace with a new 20
amp spade fuse.
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Spotlight: 12 volt H4 dual-filament quartz halogen 100 watt bulb
Batteries: Two maintenance-free, sealed lead acid, 6 volt, 6.0 Ah
AC Adapter:
B2C, B3
Operating Voltage: 12 volts DC
500 mA, 12V
500 mA, 12V
480 mA, 15V



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