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Specifications; Troubleshooting - Black & Decker VEC156BD Manual

1,000,000 power series
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Do not dispose of the battery in fire, as this may result in an explosion.
Before disposing of the battery, protect exposed terminals with
heavy-duty electrical tape to prevent shorting (shorting can result in
injury or fire).
Do not expose battery to fire or intense heat, as it may explode.
DC Plug Fuse Replacement
The fuse in the DC plug protects the charging circuit of the DC recharge adapter. If
the AC recharger operates but the DC charging adapter does not, then the fuse may
be opened.
To replace the fuse:
1. Unscrew the end cap of the DC plug (counterclockwise).
2. Remove spring center contact and fuse.
3. Check fuse with a continuity checker.
4. If blown, locate replacement fuse with same type and rating.
5. Replace the fuse, spring, contact and end cap.
6. Screw end cap clockwise until it is finger tight – DO NOT OVER-TIGHTEN.
7. Check for proper operation of DC charger adapter.


No red charge light
If the red LED does not turn on when charging, do the following:
A) Check for bad connection to the spotlight recharge port
B) Check for bad connection to AC or DC adapters
C) Confirm there is a functioning AC or DC current
Operating Issues
1. When charging, spotlight will not operate. Be sure spotlight charge port is
disconnected before main beam usage.
2. If trigger can't be fully depressed, check to see if trigger switch is locked. If it
is, release the trigger lock.
3. If unit does not operate, battery may be completely discharged. Charge unit
using AC adapter following the directions in the manual.
4. If you suspect a bulb is blown, check bulb filament. If the filament is coiled and
unbroken, the bulb is not blown. If the filament is blown, replace the bulb.


Spotlight Bulb:
6 volt, H3 series, 55 watt
Maintenance-free, sealed lead acid,
6 volt, 3 amp hour
AC Charger:
UL Listed Class 2, 12 volt DC (300 mA)
DC Plug Fuse:
0.5A/250 V
2.8 lbs. (1.5Kg)
8.25 inches
4 inches
7.75 inches


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