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Black & Decker BSL189 Instruction Manual page 25

Rechargeable spotlight
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If the unit gets dirty, gently clean the outer surfaces of the Spotlight with a soft cloth
moistened with a mild solution of water and detergent. Periodically inspect the condition of
recharge adapters, connectors, and wires. Replace any components that may have become
worn or broken.
Warning: If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, an
authorized Black & Decker Service Centre or an equally qualified person in order to avoid a
hazard. If the supply cord is replaced by an equally qualified person, but not authorized by
Black & Decker, the warranty will lose effect.
Replacement Parts
The quartz halogen bulb and sealed lead acid batteries are available through a Black &
Decker Service Center. A comparable (12 volt H4 100 watt) bulb may be substituted. These
can be purchased from popular automotive parts suppliers nationwide.
To reduce the risk of shocks or burns and avoid damage to the unit, make sure all
power switches are in the OFF position, all adapters are unplugged and the unit
has been allowed to cool down before performing any maintenance/parts
Bulb Replacement
1. Remove the rubber bezel on the rim of the Spotlight to reveal eight small Phillips screws
in the retaining ring.
2. Using a screwdriver, remove (counterclockwise) the screws and set them aside.
3. Lift off the retaining ring, glass lens and rubber "O" ring and set them aside.
4. Carefully remove the reflector and bulb assembly.
5. Disconnect the bulb from the guarding wires and replace the burned out bulb with one of
the same type listed in the Specifications section of this manual.
6. Reassemble the guarding wires, put back the reflector, rubber "O" ring and the lens.
7. Replace rubber bezel by sliding forward to the front of the spotlight.
8. Turn one of the spotlight's ON/OFF switches to the ON position to ensure proper operation
of spotlight.



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