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Imaging Failures ⑦ Printing In A Size Different From The Specification - Canon iPF9000S Troubleshooting Manual

Ipf5000, ipf700, ipf8000, ipf800, ipf650/750 series.
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21. Imaging Failures ⑦
Microsoft Word bug
AutoCAD2008 bug
Adobe Illustrator bug
Flow 1
Word problem: Failure to acquire driver settings under specific conditions
Case: If an A4-size document is printed, enlarged to A0, in Word, it prints out in A4 the first time and in A0 the
second time and thereafter.
Explained in a Microsoft support page. (
1. Open the printer driver print properties dialog box from [Properties] in the Word [Print] dialog box.
2. Choose enlarged printing and close the dialog box.
3. Close the Word [Print] dialog box without printing.
4. Open the Word [Print] dialog box again and open the printer driver print properties dialog box from [Properties].
5. Close the printer driver properties dialog box.
6. Print.
Flow 2
AutoCAD LT2008's failure to acquire relevant information from the printer driver has resulted in a mismatch in
processing from the driver.
Method 1 (Do not change settings in the printer properties dialog box in the [Control Panel])
Select a printer in the AutoCAD print dialog box and change to 1200 dpi in the custom properties dialog box. This
procedure will enable AutoCAD to acquire relevant information from the print driver, assuring successful
Method 2
Create a PC3 file for each unique set of printer settings.
Flow 3
Printing data in a non-standard size (60x150cm) in Adobe Illustrator CS halts after about 90 cm.
Adobe Illustrator CS and CS2 bug.
It appears that the data size mentioned above has been mapped by Illustrator to the standard size closest to the
width of the paper size selected, resulting in a width of ARCH D (609.6 mm). As a result, 150 cm long data can only
be printed as far as 91.44 cm.
This problem occurs if you choose in the sequence of [Paper Settings...] and then [Print] when printing in Illustrator.
To prevent it, reverse this sequence by choosing [Print] and then [Paper Settings...].
Chapter 4 More Sophisticated Fault Isolation Tasks
Printing in a size different from the


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