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T15 Recommended Head Adjustment Procedure; T16 Recommended Band Adjustment Procedure - Canon iPF9000S Troubleshooting Manual

Ipf5000, ipf700, ipf8000, ipf800, ipf650/750 series.
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T15 Recommended head adjustment procedure

* Prepare photo glossy paper (thin), photo semi-glossy paper (thin), proof paper 2 or Mitsubishi IJ-Proof (DDCP-Kote) and set the head
height to "Low" and perform the adjustment.
iPF5000 Series
iPF700 Series
Adjust the head
iPF800 Series
Check the firmware
iPF8000 Series
version number

T16 Recommended band adjustment procedure

Check no unusual loads are placed on paper feeding
and rewinding
Choose [Main Menu] → [Print Adjustment] → [Automatic
Band Adjustment] → [Standard Adjustment] → [Yes]
Is any print error detected by running Nozzle Check
Print in User mode?
Perform Band Fine Adjustment
For the iPF700/iPF800 Series, perform Head Inclination
The problem could be remedied by selecting [Perform
automatic head adjustment with the head height being
lowered] or [Print in an upper print mode]
Set the type and size of the paper to be used for adjustment to equal those of the paper used for actual printing.
To apply the result of paper feed adjustment to printing, it is necessary to set [Paper Feed Adjustment] to [Prioritize Band Joint]
With [Paper Feed Adjustment] set to [Automatic], the result of adjustment would be applied to printing only if [Prioritized Image
Quality] is set to [Photographs and Illustrations] or [Office Documents] in the printer driver.
Troubleshooting Guide
V1.23 or later (CR_REG factory-executed)
V1.20 or earlier
* Choose [Service Mode] → [Adjust] → [CR_REG] → [EXECUTE] → [YES] and click [OK].
With non-recommended paper, perform Detailed Adjustment.
Perform automatic head
adjustment in User mode (details)
Upgrade to the latest version
Non-Ejection Error
Band Fine Adjustment procedure
① Print the data in error.
② When printing has started, press the [Online] button to pause
the printing.
③ Press the [Menu] button to open the [Now Printing] menu.
④ Select [Band Fine Adjustment] using the [↑] and [↓] buttons.
⑤ Choose a numeric value using the [↑] and [↓] buttons
(between -5 and +5).
⑥ Press the [Online] button to resume the printing and confirm the
⑦ If the problem persists, repeat steps ② to ⑤.
Reset the head height to
Load photo glossy paper in the
maximum size that can be loaded
and execute CR_REG (*)


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