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Troubleshooting - IBM -3455 Installation And Operating Manual

2.4ghz cordless telephone with call waiting caller id
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No dial tone/phone will not dial out.
• Check that you have plugged the AC power adapter into a working AC power
• Check all telephone cord connections or try another wall jack.
Can't hear the ring signal.
• Check the ringer volume controls; at the lowest level the ring may not be heard.
While on a call, you hear another call on the line or experience radio
frequency interference.
• Switch channels to a clear channel.
• Check the wiring for bad connections.
The caller's name and/or phone number does not appear on the display.
• Make sure you have subscribed to Caller ID service (from local telephone
• Caller ID service may not work when the phone is connected to a Private
Branch Exchange (PBX).
• The call is coming from an area not supplying caller ID data. "Out of Area"
will appear on the display.
• The caller has requested that their phone number be suppressed from Caller
ID service. "Private" or "Unavailable" will appear on the display.
• You answered the call before Caller ID data was displayed, which usually
occurs after the second ring.
New Call/Message Waiting Indicator doesn't work properly.
• Make sure you have subscribed to voice mail compatible with "FSK" type
signaling (check with your local phone company). If your voice mail product
from the local phone company does not support "FSK" signaling, you may
use this feature as a New Call Indicator only.
Can't receive or make phone calls.
• Check to be sure the phone is set to the correct type of service, either Tone
or Pulse.





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