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Caller Id; When You Receive A Call; Viewing The Caller Id List - IBM -3455 Installation And Operating Manual

2.4ghz cordless telephone with call waiting caller id
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Caller ID allows the caller's name and phone number to be shown on the display
before you answer the call. In order to use this feature you must first subscribe
to Caller ID service with your telephone company.

When You Receive a Call

1. When the telephone rings, the caller's name and
phone number appears on the display.
2. The new Caller ID record includes the name and number of the caller and the
time and date the record is received. The New Call light will flash to indicate
that you have a new Caller ID call stored in memory.
Note: When the Caller ID information is received, it is stored in memory so that
this information can be recalled for later use. Up to 30 Caller ID calls can
be stored.

Viewing the Caller ID List

This phone automatically stores the last 30 calls received.
The IBM-3455 keeps track of all calls received, even if they were not
answered depending on how the handset was set up (see handset
settings on page 22).
1. With the handset idle press H.
2. The most recent call will be displayed. The
information on the call will be displayed with the
name, number, date, and time that the call was
3. To scroll to the next call, press L
calls from the last call received to the first. The L will allow you to view the
calls from the first call received to the last. Between the first and last call the
display will show "END OF LIST."
4. Press H to finish.


M. The M will go through the



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