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Choosing A Location - IBM -3455 Installation And Operating Manual

2.4ghz cordless telephone with call waiting caller id
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Do the following:
• Choose the best location
• Connect the phone
• Choose the dialing mode
Away from heat sources, such as
radiators, air ducts, and sunlight
Near a central
location and on a
level surface
Away from a microwave oven
Where you place the phone affects the reception quality of the handset:
• Away from another cordless telephone;
• Place the base near an AC electrical outlet and near telephone line jack;
• Place the base away from metal walls and metal file cabinets;
• Raise the base unit's antenna making sure it points towards the ceiling.
CAUTION: The cordless telephone operates at a frequency that may cause
interference to nearby TVs and VCRs; the base phone should not be placed
near, or on top of a TV or VCR. If interference is experienced, moving the
cordless telephone farther away from the TV or VCR will often reduce or
eliminate the interference.


Away from VCR's and TV sets and
other electronic equipment
Away from noise sources such as a
window by a street with heavy traffic
Away from a
personal computer
Away from excessive
moisture, extremely low
temperatures, dust,
mechanical vibration, or



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