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Deleting Records In The Caller Id List - IBM -3455 Installation And Operating Manual

2.4ghz cordless telephone with call waiting caller id
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Deleting the Calls in the Caller ID List
When viewing the Caller ID information you can delete a single call record or all
the call records.
To Delete a Single Record
1. Press H.
2. Use L
M to scroll to the call record you wish to delete.
3. Press R.
4. The display will show "REMOVE ITEM?"
5. To delete the record press R.
6. Press H to finish.
To Delete All Records
1. Press H.
2. Press and hold R.
3. The display will show "REMOVE ALL?"
4. To delete all the Caller ID records press R.
5. The display will show "NO CALLS"
6. Press H to finish.



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