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Telephone Setup; Wall Mounting - IBM -3455 Installation And Operating Manual

2.4ghz cordless telephone with call waiting caller id
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Wall Mounting

The IBM-3455 telephone may be installed on the studs of a standard wall phone
plate or onto two screws (not included) fastened into the wall. When installing
screws into plasterboard walls, use wall anchors (not included) to insure that the
screws remain secure. Insert the screws into the wall leaving 3/16" of each
screw extending out from the wall.
Wall Mounting Instructions:
1. Remove the handset from the base.
2. Turn the base over so the underside of
the base faces you.
3. Place the pedestal to the wall mount
position and slide into place.
4. If mounting over a telephone wall jack,
plug the supplied short telephone cord
into the jack labeled LINE on the
telephone. Thread the line cord through
the slot on the backside of the phone.
5. If wall mounting with screws, plug the
supplied 7-foot telephone cord into the
LINE jack on the telephone.
6. Connect the telephone line cord to the
wall jack.
7. Insert the AC adapter into the 9V DC jack on the bottom of the base.
8. Slip the telephone base onto the wall, lining up the wall mounting holes over
the wall plate posts or screws. Slide the telephone base down so it is firmly in
9. Return the handset to the telephone base.
10. Plug the other end of the AC adapter into the AC outlet.





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