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Eagle FishEasy 350c Installation & Operation Instructions: Chart Speed; Colorline

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2. Input the number you calculated earlier: press ↑ ↓ to change the dis-
played number. Continue until the desired has been input and press

Chart Speed

Chart Speed controls the rate sonar returns scroll across the screen.
Decreasing Chart Speed is most beneficial when you are fishing from a
stationary location.
Chart Speed control bar.
To change chart speed:
1. From the Sonar page, press
|↓ to
2. The Chart Speed Control Bar appears. Press ↓ to decrease chart
speed. Press ↑ to increase chart speed.
3. Press
to remove the Chart Speed control bar from the screen.
ColorLine helps you distinguish between strong and weak sonar re-
turns. A soft, muddy or weedy bottom returns a weaker signal dis-
played as a narrow, colored line (dark blue tinged with red or a little
yellow.) A hard bottom or other relatively hard target returns a strong
signal which causes a wider brightly colored line (reddish yellow to
bright yellow.) Fish are shown mostly as blue arches.

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