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Eagle FishEasy 350c Installation & Operation Instructions: Full Sonar Chart

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• Depth Cursor: displays a cursor line on the sonar chart allowing you
to measure the depth of a sonar target.
• Overlay Data: allows you to choose the type of information shown on
the sonar screen.
• Sonar Features: opens Sonar Features menu which includes: screen
color mode, auto depth and sensitivity, surface clarity, noise rejection,
Fish I.D.™ symbols, the zoom bar and zone bar.
• Ping Speed: adjusts the rate sonar signals are sent out by your unit.
• Zoom Level: allows you to set your display to a desired zoom level.
The FishEasy 350C has three page screens: Full Sonar Chart, Split
Zoom Sonar Chart and Digital Data. The Full Sonar Chart is the main
display option.
To access Pages:
1. Press
repeatedly until the desired page screen appears on
the display.

Full Sonar Chart

The Full Sonar Chart is unit's default mode. Depth scales on the right
side of the screen aid in determining the depth of targets.
The line at the top of the screen represents the surface. The bottom
depth and surface temperature (if equipped with a temperature sensor
or a transducer with a temp sensor built in) are shown in the top left
corner of the screen.
The FasTrack™ display is shown to the right of the depth scale. The
zoom bar is to the right of the Fastrack display.



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