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Eagle FishEasy 350c Installation & Operation Instructions: Bracket Installation

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Bracket Installation

Recommended tools include: drill, 1" (25.4 mm) drill bit, screwdriver.
Required supplies include: high quality, marine grade above- or below-
waterline caulking compound, three #10 stainless steel screws. Screw
length and type should be suitable for the material on which you intend to
mount the bracket.
Installing the bracket:
1. Mount the unit in any convenient location. Make sure there is
enough clearance for it to be tilted at angles. You should also make
sure there is enough room behind the unit to attach the
power/transducer cable.
Holes in the bracket's base allow wood screw or through-bolt
mounting. You may need to place a piece of plywood on the back
side of thin panels to reinforce the panel and secure the mounting
2. Drill a 1" (25.4 mm) hole in the dash for the power/transducer and
accessory cables. The best location for this hole is directly under the
gimbal bracket location.
3. Pass the connectors up through the hole from under the dash. You
can fill in the space around the cable with a marine caulking compound
or purchase a cable hole cover from a marine dealer.
Using the Quick Release Mounting Bracket
These units use a quick release mounting bracket. When you run the
cables through the bracket's cable slots, make sure you allow enough
slack for tilting the unit and attaching the connector.
1. Align the bracket over the cable hole with the cable slots facing away
from you and fit the cable through one of the slots. Fasten the bracket
to the dash using the three screw holes.



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