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Eagle FishEasy 350c Installation & Operation Instructions: How Low Should You Go; Transom Transducer Assembly And Mounting

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How low should you go?

For most situations, you should install your Skimmer transducer so
that its centerline is level with the bottom of the boat hull.
This will usually give you the best combination of smooth water flow
and protection from bangs and bumps.
Align transducer centerline with hull bottom.
However, there are times when you may need to adjust the transducer
slightly higher or lower. (The slots in the mounting brackets allow you
to loosen the screws and slide the transducer up or down.) If you fre-
quently lose bottom signal lock while running at high speed, the trans-
ducer may be coming out of the water as you cross waves or wakes.
Move the transducer a little lower to help prevent this.
If you cruise or fish around lots of structure and cover, your transducer
may be frequently kicking up from object strikes. If you wish, you may
move the transducer a little higher for more protection.
There are two extremes you should avoid. Never let the edge of the
mounting bracket extend below the bottom of the hull. Never let the
bottom – the face – of the transducer rise above the bottom of the hull.

Transom Transducer Assembly And Mounting

The best way to install these transducers is to loosely assemble all of the
parts first, place the transducer's bracket against the transom and see if
you can move the transducer so that it's parallel with the ground.
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