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Other Operations During Playback - Kenwood K-531 Instruction Manual

Compact hi-fi component system
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Other operations during playback

To pause and resume playback
To fast-forward or reverse
To skip tracks
To select the shuffle mode
To select repeat play
To select an item from the menu
To put the iPod/iPhone in sleep mode
You cannot record tracks onto iPod/iPhone from the System.
Refer also to the instruction manual that comes with the iPod/iPhone.
Update the software for iPod/iPhone to the latest version.
You can also perform operation from your iPod/iPhone.
To select the other Album, perform the "To select an item from the menu" operation above. You
cannot skip to the previous/next Album directly.
Press [iPod £¥8 ].
Press and hold [ ¢ ] to fast-forward.
Press and hold [ 4 ] to reverse.
Press [ ¢ ] to skip to the next track.
Press [ 4 ] to skip to the beginning of a track.
Press [ 4 ] repeatedly to skip to a previous track.
Press [ SHUFFLE ] repeatedly.
Each time you press the button, the shuffle setting changes.
Press [ REPEAT ] repeatedly.
Each time you press the button, the repeat setting changes.
Press [ 2 ] to go back to the previous layer.
Press [ 5 ] or [ ∞ ] to select an item.
Press [ENTER] to confirm the selection.
Press [ 3 ] to play currently selected item.
Press and hold [iPod £¥8 ].



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