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Other Operations During Playback - Kenwood K-531 Instruction Manual

Compact hi-fi component system
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Other operations during playback

To pause playback
To stop playback
To playback a specified track number
To fast-forward or reverse
To skip tracks
To skip folders (MP3/WMA)
About Resume function (for MP3/WMA only)
When you stop playback by pressing [ 7 ], the track being played is stored. Pressing the [CD £¥8 ]
restarts playback from the beginning of that track. (Resume function)
The Resume function is canceled if you change the input source or turn off the power.
Press [CD £¥8 ].
Press [ 7 ].
Press [3] to play the 3rd track.
Press [ 10], [1], and then [7] to play the 17th track.
Press [ 10], [2], and then [0] to play the 20th track.
Press [ 10], [ 10], [1], [2], and then [3] to play the 123rd track.
Press and hold [ ¡ ] to fast-forward.
Press and hold [ 1 ] to reverse.
Press [ ¢ ] to skip to the next track.
Press [ 4 ] to skip to the beginning of a track.
Press [ 4 ] repeatedly to skip to a previous track.
Press [ NEXT ] to skip to a track in the next folder.
Press [ PREV. ] to skip to a track in the previous folder.



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