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Setting The Program Timer (Timer Set) - Kenwood K-531 Instruction Manual

Compact hi-fi component system
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Setting the program timer (TIMER SET)

This function allows you to use the timer to start playback or recording
automatically at a specified time. You can set two timers ("PROG. 1" and
"PROG. 2").
The available sources for program timer are as follows:
– For playback: TUNER, CD, iPod, USB, D-IN, AUX or AUDIO-IN
– For recording: TUNER
Set the System clock to the correct time before performing this procedure.
Prepare the input source and check whether it works.
For recording with a timer, connect a USB device (with sufficient free
space) to the
To go back to the previous step, press [ 2 ].
For "AUX" or "AUDIO-IN", connect a component equipped with a timer function. You cannot
activate or deactivate the timer function of the connected component by operating on the System.
When recording with a timer, the System is turned on and paused 2 minutes before the start time
of the recording.
When you activate two programs, make sure the times for each program are different by at least 3
minutes to ensure that their operations do not overlap.
If you select "PLAY" or "AI PLAY", turn off the System more than 1 minute before the start time.
If you select "REC", turn off the System more than 3 minutes before the start time.
When the System is in Standby mode, you can display the timer setting (on or off) and the current
time for 5 seconds by pressing
terminal. (P.30)
Press [MODE].
Press [ 2 ] or [ 3 ] to select "TIMER SET", then press [ENTER].
Timer settings
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