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Installing The System; Installing The Speakers - Kenwood K-531 Instruction Manual

Compact hi-fi component system
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Installing the System

Always install the System on a flat, stable surface. When installing the System on a stand of some sort, be
sure to check the strength of the stand.
The speakers are not magnetically shielded. The magnets used in the speakers may cause color
irregularities on CRT TVs or CRT monitors. Do not set up the speakers too close to a TV or a monitor.
Left speaker
Proper ventilation
Power supply

Installing the speakers

The sound will vary depending on the positioning of the speakers. To get the best possible sound quality or
the best acoustic effect, note the guidelines below.
Ensure that the areas around the left and right speakers are as identical as possible. Set up the left and right
speakers away from the wall and hang thick curtains on any windows to minimize echoes or reverberation.
Place the left and right speakers as far apart as possible.
Position the speakers at the same height as your ears when you are using the System.
Do not place any object on the System that may hinder heat radiation.
Do not place the System upside-down or lay it on its side.
Do not cover the System with a cloth or place it on a carpet or blanket.
Do not place the System in a narrow space that hinders the ventilation.
Leave the spaces specified below around the cabinets of the main unit.
Top panel: 50 cm or more
Side panel: 10 cm or more
Back panel: 10 cm or more
Install the System so the power outlet is easily accessible, and unplug the power
cord from the power outlet immediately in case of any trouble.
The power supply to the System is not shut down completely by simply setting the
power switch to "OFF."
To shut down the power supply completely, unplug the power cord.
Main unit
Right speaker



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