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Radio Data System; Displaying Program Service (Ps) Name; Searching For A Desired Program Type (Pty Search) - Kenwood K-531 Instruction Manual

Compact hi-fi component system
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Radio Data System

There is no sound while searching is in progress.
Some stations may not be provided or may be given different names depending on countries or
Press [TUNER/BAND] to select "FM".
Preset Radio Data System stations with AUTO MEMORY function. (P.23)

Displaying Program Service (PS) name

When an Radio Data System broadcast is received, the station
name is displayed automatically.
To change the display information
Press [ DISPLAY ] repeatedly.
Each time you press the button, the display changes as....
Program service name = Frequency = Day/Clock = (back to the

Searching for a desired Program Type (PTY Search)

Press [PTY].
"PTY" indicator lights up.
When a Radio Data System broadcast is received, the program type is
shown on the display.
If no PTY data is available or if the station is not a Radio Data System
station, "None" appears on the display.
Press [ 5 ] or [ ∞ ] to select the desired program type, then
press [ENTER].
"PTY" indicator flashes.
If a program of the desired type is found, that program is received
and the program type name display changes to the station name
If a program of the desired type cannot be found, "NO PROGRAM"
flashes, then after several seconds the display returns to the original
Program type (genre): Pop M (music), Rock M (music), Easy M (music),
Light M (music), Classics, Other M (music), News, Affairs, Info, Sport,
Educate, Drama, Culture, Science, Varied, Weather, Finance, Children,
Social, Religion, Phone In, Travel, Leisure, Jazz, Country, Nation M
(music), Oldies, Folk M (music), Document
To cancel PTY Search
Press [PTY].



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