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Adjusting The Clock; Remote Control - Sanyo DC-UB1475M Instruction Manual

Micro component system
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Table of Contents
1. USB port (USB)
2. Line in socket (LINE IN)
3. Stop/PTY search button (STOP/PTY n )
4. Skip/Search/File select/Tuning button (- TUN/FILE +, f , e)
5. Band select button (BAND)
6. Folder/Channel select button (FOLDER/CHANNEL)
7. Function button (FUNCTION)
8. Remote sensor (IR)
9. Power button (z/ON)
10. Display
11. CD Compartment (OPEN/CLOSE q)
12. Bass expander button (DBBS)
13. RDS/Play mode button (RDS/PLAY MODE)
14. Program/Clock button (PROGRAM/CLOCK)
15. Timer button (TIMER)
16. Volume control (VOLUME)
17. Play/Pause button (PLAY/PAUSE i)
18. SD card loading slot (SD)
19. Cassette holder
20. Tape buttons cover (OPEN a)
21. Pause button (K)
22. Stop/Eject button (N/Q)
23. Fast forward button (C)
24. Rewind button (D)
25. Play button (A)
26. Record button (M)


Controls (Fig.2)
1. Power/Stand by button (z/STANDBY)
2. Mute button (MUTE)
3. Timer button (TIMER)
4. Program/Clock button (PROGRAM/CLOCK)
5. RDS/Play mode button (RDS/PLAY MODE)
6. PTY search/Stop button (PTY SEARCH / n)
7. Display button (DISPLAY)
8. Skip/Search/File select/Tuning button (f, e)
9. Play/Pause button (i)
10. FM mode button (FM MODE)
11. Volume button (VOLUME -, +)
12. Bass expander button (DBBS)
13. Number button (0,1~9)
14. Sleep button (SLEEP)
15. Sound mode select button (SOUND)
16. Folder/Channel select button (FOLDER/CHANNEL +, -)
17. Tuner function/Band select button (TUN/BAND)
18. Function button (FUNCTION)
Number buttons (0, 1-9)
Tuner/Audio CD
To select No. 3, press 3.
To select No. 10, press 1, then press 0.
To select No. 3, press 3.
To select No. 10, press 1, then press 0.
To select No. 126, press 1, 2, then press 6.
Inserting batteries (Fig. 6)
Always remove battery if the remote control is not to be used for a
month or more. Battery within the unit may leak and cause damage.
Remote control range (Fig. 7)
The buttons on the remote control perform similar functions to similarly
marked buttons on the front panel.


When the unit is fi rst connected to the AC power line, the display blinks
"00:00" dimly.
Example: To set "6:30".
First, press the z/ON button to turn the power on.
1. Press the PROGRAM/CLOCK button for at least 2 seconds. "-- --:--
--"(when the first time setting) or the current time appears on the
2. Press the PROGRAM/CLOCK button again. After "SET CLOCK"
appears on the display, the time system appears. Press the f or
e button to select "24HR".
3. Press the PROGRAM/CLOCK button. The hours display blinks.
4. Press the f or e button to set the "hours".
5. Press the PROGRAM/CLOCK button. The minutes display blinks.
6. Press the f or e button to set the "minutes".
7. Press the PROGRAM/CLOCK button to complete the setting, the
original function returns.
The time can be set accurately by pressing the PROGRAM/
CLOCK button when a time signal is heard.
To display the clock during operations, press the PROGRAM/
CLOCK button at least 2 seconds. After a few seconds, the original
display returns.
If a power failure occurs or the mains lead is disconnected, the clock
display blinks. Reset the time again.


Table of Contents

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