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Sanyo DC-AX20 Instruction Manual

Micro stereo system
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  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS PAGE IMPORTANT NOTES..................FEATURES AND CONTROLS................. REMOTE CONTROL ..................INSTALLATION AND CONNECTIONS ............BASIC OPERATION ..................RADIO OPERATION..................COMPACT DISC PLAYER OPERATION ............CASSETTE RECORDER OPERATION............MAINTENANCE....................10 SPECIFICATION....................12 To achieve the utmost in enjoyment and performance, please read this manual carefully before attempting to operate the unit in order to became familiar with its features, and assure you years of faithful, trouble free performance and listening pleasure.
  • Page 4: Important Notes

    IMPORTANT NOTES ˙The appliance shall not be exposed to dripping or splashing and that no objects filled with liquids, such as vases, shall be placed on the appliance. ˙Caution: Danger of damage if battery is incorrectly replaced. Replace only with the same or equivalent type.
  • Page 5: Features And Controls

    FEATURES AND CONTROLS 1. PROGRAM Button 2. Remote Sensor 3. VOLUME Control 4. REPEAT Button 5. FM Stereo Indicator 6. TUNING Knob SKIP+ Button SKIP- Button 9. Cassette Door 10. PAUSE Button 11. STOP / EJECT Button 12. FAST FORWARD Button 13.
  • Page 6: Remote Control

    REMOTE CONTROL 1. Infrared Transmitter 2. RANDOM Button 3. SKIP+ Button 4. PROG. Button 5. STOP Button 6. PLAY / PAUSE Button 7. SKIP- Button 8. REPEAT Button 9. Battery Compartment INSTALLATION AND CONNECTIONS REPLACING Remote Control BATTERY 1. Turn over the remote control, and remove the battery door. 2.
  • Page 7: Basic Operation

    ANTENNA CONNECTION Extend and move the FM Antenna Wire. If stereo broadcast is received, the FM STEREO indicator will light up. In case of Stereo stations with a bad reception (noise infested reception), we recommend slide BAND selector to MONO position. This system is equipped with a built-in directional ferrite antenna, move and rotate the system for best reception.
  • Page 8: Radio Operation

    RADIO OPERATION 1. Switch ON the unit. 2. Slide the FUNCTION selector to RADIO position. 3. Slide BAND selector to select the desired band. 4. Turn the TUNING knob to select the desired broadcasting station. ˙FM STEREO indicator will light up when received a stereo signal in FM STEREO mode. Extend the FM Antenna Wire at rear cabinet for best reception.
  • Page 9 SKIP+ and SKIP- button PALY mode STOP mode Button Press once Press twice Press once Back to the beginning Previous track Previous track of the current track Next track Next track REPEAT button This button was designed as cyclical. REPEAT 1: Press once from beginning during playback as below Fig. 3a. REPEAT ALL: Press twice from beginning during playback as below Fig.
  • Page 10: Cassette Recorder Operation

    Note on CD-R / RW discs ˙Because of non-standardized format definition / production of CD-R / RW, playback quality & performance are not guaranteed. ˙Do not attach a seal or label to either side (the record able side or the labeled side) of a CD-R / RW disc.
  • Page 11 RECORD Button START Press down until locked. Recording from RADIO 1. Slide FUNCTION selector to RADIO position. 2. Slide BAND selector to select the desired band. 3. Adjust TUNING knob to select the desired broadcast station. 4. Insert a blank tape with exposed side downward and full spool to the left side into cassette compartment and close cassette door.
  • Page 12: Maintenance

    MAINTENANCE Protecting Recordings Normally, anything recorded on the tape is automatically erased when new recording is made. It is possible to protect your recordings from accidental erasure by removing the tabs found on the rear of the cassette. When the cassette is held with the recorded side upper-most and exposed tape facing the front, the protective tab will be found on the left rear of the cassette.
  • Page 13 COMPACT DISC 1. Always use compact discs bearing the mark as shown. 2. Notes on handling discs Removing the disc from its storage case and loading it. Do not touch the reflective recorded surface. Do not stick paper or write anything on the surface. Do not bend the disc.
  • Page 14: Specification

    SPECIFICATION Radio Section Frequency Range AM: 530 – 1600 KHz FM : 88 – 108 MHz CD Player Playback System Top load CD mechanism Memory Program 20 Tracks Frequency Response 100 Hz – 20 KHz S/N Ratio 60 dB Cassette Recorder Recording System DC Bias Erase System...
  • Page 16 (AU) SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. Osaka Japan...