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Adjusting The Clock; Before Operation - Sanyo DC-MCR60 Instruction Manual

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Example: To set "PM 6:30",
First, press the z/ON button to turn the power off. Only the clock dis-
play appears.
1. Press the CLOCK/TIMER button
for at least 2 seconds, "0" blinks
on the display.
2. Press the MEMORY button.
The hours display blinks.
3. Turn the VOLUME control to set
the "hours".
4. Press the MEMORY button.
The minutes display blinks.
5. Turn the VOLUME control to set
the "minutes".
Turning the power on and off
Press the z/ON button. The display lights.
To turn the power off, press the z/ON button again, the clock display
remains lit.
When the mains lead is connected to the AC outlet, the unit will
respond to commands from the remote control.
Direct start function
If the following buttons are pressed when the unit is in standby, the
unit turns on automatically and the function is set.
CD section
Remote control
Selecting the function
Press the FUNCTION button to select the desired function. Each time
the button is pressed, the display changes as follows:
CD v Tuner (FM) v Tuner (AM) v TAPE v CD v . . .
The function is automatically selected when CD play started or when
the TUNER/BAND button (on the remote control) has been pressed.
(Except during recording)
When the function selection is changed, CD play is automatically
Adjusting the volume
Turn the VOLUME control, or press the VOL - or VOL + button on the
remote control. The volume level appears on the display. (VOL 0 ~
VOL 24).
Surround sound system (Remote control only)
Press the SURROUND button. "SURR" appears on the display and a
"Wide" effect is created.
6. Press the MEMORY button.
Changing the clock to the 24-hour display
1. Press the z/ON button to turn the power off and present time
2. While clock is displaying, press the MEMORY button and hold it,
To return the original setting, repeat steps above.


Bass expander system (Remote control only)
Press the BASS button to enhance the bass sound. "BASS" appears
on the display.
Selecting the sound mode (Remote control only)
Press the SOUND PRESET button to select the sound mode match-
ing the music to be listened to.
If the operation of the unit or display is not normal,
1. Press the z/ON button to turn the power off.
2. While pressing the N button, press the I button for at least 1
3. Press the z/ON button to turn the power on.
4. Operate the unit.
(Main unit only)
The cock starts.
The time can be set accurately by pressing the MEMORY but-
ton when a time signal is heard.
To display the clock during operation, press the CLOCK/TIMER
button briefly. After a few seconds, the original display returns.
If a power failure occurs or the mains lead is disconnected, the
clock display blinks. Reset the time again.
then press the TUNING + button.
Example: PM 1:00 v 13:00
POP: Pops, etc.
CLAS: Classical music, etc.
ROCK: Rock music, etc.
JAZZ: Jazz, etc.

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