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Cutting Unit; Lift Lever For Cutting Unit - Husqvarna 11 Operator's Manual

Husqvarna rider operator's manual
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Cutting unit

Rider 11 and Rider 13 have a cutting unit with rear
ejection, i.e. the grass cuttings are thrown out
behind the cutting unit.
Rider 11 Bio and Rider 13 Bio have a twin-blade
BioClip cutting unit.

Lift lever for cutting unit

The lift lever is used to set the cutting unit in trans-
port or cutting position.
If the lever is pulled back the unit will lift up and the
blades will automatically stop rotating (transport
If the lock button is pressed and the lever is moved
forward the unit will be lowered and the blades will
automatically start rotating (cutting position).
The lever can also be used to temporarily regulate
the cutting height, e.g. for a small mound in the lawn.
Lifting of the cutting unit (transport position)
Lowering of the cutting unit (cutting position)
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