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Checking And Adjusting The Cutting Unit Ground Pressure; Checking The Parallelism Of The Cutting Unit - Husqvarna 11 Operator's Manual

Husqvarna rider operator's manual
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Checking and adjustment of the cutting
unit's ground pressure on Rider 11 Bio
and Rider 13 Bio
To achieve the best cutting results the cutting unit
should follow the underlying surface without press-
ing too hard against it.
The pressure is adjusted with a screw on each side
of the machine.
1. Check the tyre air pressure. It should be 60 kPa
(0,6 kp/cm
2. Place a set of bathroom scales under the cutting
unit's frame (front edge) so that it rests on the
scales. If necessary a block can be placed
between the frame and scales so that the
support wheels do not bear any weight.
3. Adjust the unit's ground pressure by screwing in
or out the adjusting screws located behind the
front wheels on both sides.
The ground pressure should be between 12 and
15 kg.
Checking the cutting unit's parallelism
Check the parallelism of the cutting unit as follows:
1. Check the tyre air pressure. It should be 60 kPa
(0,6 kp/cm
2. Place the machine on a level surface.
3. Measure the distance between the ground and
the front and rear edges of the cutting unit hood.
The cutting unit should slope forwards slightly so
that the rear edge is 2-4 mm higher than the
front edge.
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