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Safety Instructions; General Use - Husqvarna 11 Operator's Manual

Husqvarna rider operator's manual
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These instructions are for your safety. Read them carefully.
This symbol implies that important safety rules are applicable.
This is for your safety and the operating reliability of the machine.

General use:

Make yourself familiar with the controls and how
to stop quickly.
Read all the instructions in Operator's Manual
and on the machine before starting it. Make sure
you understand them, and then follow them.
Only allow adults who are familiar with the
machine to use it.
Wear approved protective glasses or a visor
during assembly and driving.
Never use the machine barefoot. Always wear
heavy-duty shoes, preferably toe-capped.
Never wear loose fitting clothes which can
fasten in moving parts.
Clear the area of objects such as stones, toys,
and wires, etc. which can be caught up by the
blades and thrown out.
Check that there are no other persons in the
area before starting to cut.
Stop the machine if anyone comes into the work
Never carry passengers.
Do not cut backwards unless absolutely neces-
Always look down and behind before and during
Keep an eye on the ejected grass and do not
direct it towards anyone.
Slow down before turning.
Never leave the machine unattended when the
engine is running. Always switch off the blades,
pull on the parking brake, stop the engine and
take out the keys before leaving the machine.
Switch off the blades when you are not cutting.
Only cut in daylight or good artificial lighting.
Never use the machine when you have con-
sumed alcohol, drugs, or certain medicines.
This machine can cut off hands and feet, and eject objects.
Failure to follow the safety instructions can lead to severe injury.


Read the instructions before starting the machine.
Clear the area from stones etc. before cutting.
Never carry passengers.
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