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Removal Of Mowing Deck Rider 850; Replacing Cutting Unit Belts; Belt Replacement On Bioclip-Unit - Husqvarna Rider 850 Workshop Manual

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Reparation instructions

Removal of mowing deck Rider 850

• Remove the front cover as well as the left and
right-handed fender.
• Raise the mowing deck by pulling the lift lever
backwards to the transport position.
• Dismantle the drive belt (1).
• Lower the mowing deck by pressing in the lift
lever lock button and moving the lever to the
cutting position.
• Set the lowest cutting height with the cutting
height lever.
• Take the hair-needle spring (2) out of the chain
• Remove the lock pins (one on each side) on the
rear edge of the unit.
• Installation of the mowing deck takes place in the
reverse order.
When the lock pins are removed, the
deck will drop to the ground. Make
sure to keep your hands or fingers
away from under the deck during
the removal.
– English
Replacing mowing deck belts
Belt replacement on bioclip-deck
A bioclip-deck is driven by two synchronous
transmission belts which synchronise the rotation
of the blades. The belts are situated under a cover
on the mowing deck. Replace the belts in the
following way:
Release the parellel strut's front pin and bend the
strut backwards.
Unscrew the two screws which hold the safety
guard and lift off the guard.

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