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Husqvarna 11 Operator's Manual page 9

Husqvarna rider operator's manual
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Avoid overfilling. If fuel has been spilt on the
Rider wipe it up and wait until it has evaporated
before starting the engine. If fuel is spilt on
clothes, change them.
Be extra careful when handling battery acid.
Spilling acid on the skin can cause severe burn
injuries. Rinse immediately with water. If acid
gets into the eyes this can cause blindness.
Contact a doctor.
Be careful with the maintenance of the battery.
Explosive gas is formed in the battery. Never
handle the battery when smoking or in the
vicinity of naked flames or sparks. Otherwise the
battery can explode and cause severe injuries.
Never drive the machine in an enclosed space.
The exhaust fumes contain carbon monoxide,
an odourless, non coloured, toxic and fatal gas.
Make sure that bolts and nuts, especially attach-
ment bolts for the blade units are properly
tightened and that the equipment is in good
Never alter the safety devices. Check regularly
that they function. The machine must not be
driven with defective or unmounted safety
Do not alter the setting of the governor and do
not race the engine.
Reduce the fire risk. Keep the machine clean
from grass, leaves and other refuse which
fastens in it. Allow the machine to cool before
placing it in the storage area.
Stop and inspect the equipment if you drive over
an object. If necessary repair the machine
before starting.
Never make adjustments with the engine run-
The machine is tested for safety and approved
only for equipment supplied or recommended by
the manufacturer.
The blades are sharp and can cause cutting
injuries. Wrap over the blades or use protective
gloves when handling them.
Check the functioning of the brakes regularly.
Adjust and maintain them as necessary.
– English
Never smoke in the vicinity of the battery or the fuel.
Never drive the machine in an enclosed space.
Clean the machine regularly from grass, leaves and
other waste.

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