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Driving On Slopes - Husqvarna 11 Operator's Manual

Husqvarna rider operator's manual
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Watch out for traffic when working close to a
road, or crossing one.
Be careful when rounding a fixed object so that
the blades do not hit it. Never drive intentionally
over a foreign object.
The machine is heavy and can cause very
severe crush injuries. Be extra careful when
loading it on a trailer or truck.
Be careful when pulling a load or using heavy
a. Only use approved tow hooks.
b. Limit the load to what you can manage safely.
c. Do not make sharp turns. Be careful when
d. Use counterweights or wheel weights when
indicated in the instructions.

Driving on slopes

Driving on slopes is one of the situations where
there is the most serious risk that the driver can
loose control or that the machine tips over, which
can cause severe injuries or be fatal. All slopes
require extra care. If you cannot reverse up the
slope or if you feel uncertain avoid cutting it.
Do as follows:
Remove obstacles such as stones and branches
Cut upwards and downwards, not sideways.
Look out for and avoid driving over furrows,
holes or mounds. On uneven surfaces it is
easier for the machine to tip over. High grass
can conceal obstacles.
Drive slowly. Rider 11: Select a low gear to avoid
having to stop and changing gear. It is also
easier to use the gear to brake in a low gear.
Follow the manufacturer's recommendations on
wheelweights or counterweights to increase
Take special care with accessories that can alter
the stability of the rider mower.
Always drive smoothly and slowly on slopes.
Avoid sudden changes of speed or direction.
Avoid starting or stopping on a slope. If the tyres
begin to skid switch of the blades and drive
slowly down the slope.
Avoid unnecessary turns on slopes, and if
turning is necessary turn slowly and gradually,
downwards if possible.
– English
Be extra careful when driving on slopes.
Cut slopes upwards and downwards, not sideways.

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