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Stopping The Engine; Drive Disengagement Lever - Husqvarna 11 Operator's Manual

Husqvarna rider operator's manual
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Never drive the machine on
ground with a slope of more than
15°. Mow slopes upwards and
downwards, never across. Avoid
sudden changes in direction.
Hill start, manual gearbox
1. Press down the parking brake.
2. Push the throttle control to 3/4 position to full
throttle position.
3. Push down the clutch and engage first gear.
4. Carefully release the clutch.
5. When the engine starts to pull, release the parking

Stopping the engine

Preferably allow the engine to idle for a minute to
obtain normal working temperature before stopping
it if it has been working hard.
1. Lift up the cutting unit by pulling the lever back
to the end position.
2. Rider 11 and Rider 11 Bio: Pull back the
throttle control and put the gear lever into
neutral "N" without pressing the reverse lock
button. Turn the ignition key to the "STOP"
Rider 13 and Rider 13 Bio: Pull back the
throttle lever and turn the ignition key to the
"STOP" position.
3. When the rider mower is stationary, hold down
the parking brake and push in the lock button.
Release lever Rider 13 and Rider 13 Bio
In order to move the machine when the engine is
switched off the release lever must be pressed
down and forwards.
– English
MAX 15

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